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Origins Roots

Origins Roots

The ultimate chewing fun, natural Briar root chews for dogs are the ideal blend of pleasure, usefulness, and sustainability. These long-lasting chews are made from all-natural, eco-friendly roots and give hours of amusement while improving your dog’s dental health and overall well-being.


A Dental Wellness Chew Our Natural Briar Root Chews are more than just a fun activity for your pet; they’re also a useful tool for keeping your pet’s teeth healthy. As your dog chews on these firm root chews, plaque and tartar build up is removed, resulting in fresher breath and healthier teeth and gums. Give your pet a chew that is both entertaining and helpful.

Safe and sustainably sourced these natural Briar root chews are made from carefully collected tree roots and are an environmentally responsible solution for dog pawrents. These chews are long-lasting and meticulously produced to be splinter-free, providing your dog with a safe and delightful chewing experience.

100% natural Briar root
Crude protein 1.2%, Crude oils and fats 0.1%, Crude fibre 66.7%, Crude ash 1.1%, Moisture 22.5%.

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