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Nutriment Bundle Box

Nutriment 11.2kg Bundle

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A simple way to feed your dog raw food. A box full of Nutriment core menu minces. The boxes may vary depending on stock, but always containing a minimum of 4 different flavours. Photo is for illustration purposes only. 8 X 1.4kg chubs.

Nutriment 11.2kg Bundle

What’s inside your Nutriment 11.2kg Bundle
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  • Nutriment Chicken Formula 1.4kg × 3

    Original price was: £5.79.Current price is: £4.49. each

    83 in stock

  • Nutriment Turkey Formula 1.4kg × 2

    £5.48 each

    83 in stock

  • Nutriment Duck Formula 1.4kg


    83 in stock

  • Nutriment Chicken & Lamb Formula 1.4kg × 2

    £6.92 each

    83 in stock

4 in stock

Nutriment core range

At Nutriments aim is to provide innovative, high-quality and uncompromising raw food which supports animal health and happiness. Revolutionising the world of raw feeding, Nutriment’s commitment to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) has produced a portfolio of premium complete raw dog foods to suit all breeds, sizes, ages and activity levels of dogs.

Highly digestible and flavourful raw dog food supports your dog’s health in a variety of ways, including their oral, digestive and skin and coat health.


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Tender shredded chicken with delectable beef morsels cooked simply in its own natural gravy. Canagan is a high-quality complete cat food that can also be used to supplement dry food. Please adjust the quantities when mixing.


Canagan is a grain-free food that contains organic vegetables, fresh meat, and chelated minerals, making it a wholesome, tasty, and nutritious meal for adult dogs. Naturally, Canagan’s ingredients are delivered daily and prepared with care for our special friends.


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Nutriment’s raw turkey formula is part of the Core range of innovative, premium raw dog foods. Nutriments turkey recipe includes carefully selected ingredients which are biologically appropriate, natural and easy for dogs to digest. Turkey contains high-quality protein and is low in fat, and therefore is an ideal protein source for dog food. Their turkey formula is free from grains, fillers and artificial ingredients which are common in commercially available dog foods and can cause digestive discomfort in dogs.


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Directly from Naturaw’s kitchen to yours. This one goes down much better than its name (or smell) may indicate to us humans.  All wrapped up in their compostable at home tray, film & sleeve. 500g


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